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Singapore’s Tuas Incinerator CEMS Passes 12th Anniversary

The Tuas incineration plant (TIP) in Singapore was built by Japanese contractors who used Japanese extractive CEM systems. TIP staff became disappointed with the frequent downtime and high operating costs of these extractive systems, so they decided to try Procal’s in situ alternative. In 1993 a Procal P200 NDIR in situ analyzer probe was installed at the common chimney duct. The P200 simultaneously measured HCl, SO2, CO2 and H2O. The Procal system was very successful and lived up to it’s reputation of low cost of ownership. In December 1995 Twin Tek installed a further seven Procal P200 NDIR analysers at each of the flue gas cleaning system (FGCS) outlets and two FGCS inlets. The FGCS outlet analysers are used to control the lime injection for HCl abatement. These original analysers have now completed 12 years of continuous operation and continue to give good service. They are maintained by the incinerator plant staff and have required minimal spare parts and maintenance.