Emissions Analyser Software Features

5th March 2021

Protea’s range of portable and fixed emissions gas analysers implement unique features to benefit emissions gas testing. Our PAS and PAS-Pro software offers the following features that make compliance with emissions testing standards easier as the software will dynamically calculate the required test results on-site:

  • T90 response time results for span/check gases recorded live
  • Span drift results and pass/fail recorded live
  • Drift correction calculation within software
  • Repeatability on zero and span results calculated live
  • Lower Detection Limit (LDL) calculator
  • FTIR residual analysis carried out live
  • Emissions Limit Value (ELV) exceedance warning on-screen
  • FTIR residual test as per M22, CEN/TS 17337 and other standards
  • Raw and Dry/O2 corrected values logged in real-time
Emissions Analyser Software Features