Emissions Consulting In The Spotlight

1st November 2022

Protea’s range of gas analysers are used in emissions monitoring as both fixed, Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) systems or as portable stack emissions testers. Protea can provide consultancy service on the best implementation of our equipment or 3rd party equipment that may complement Protea’s equipment to give the customer the full capability for their emissions monitoring requirements. Find out more at https://www.protea.ltd.uk/emissions-consulting

Emissions Consulting In The Spotlight

Consultancy across Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) covers the following areas:

  • Emissions analyser selection
  • Dust analysis
  • IED requirements, including MCPD
  • Agriculture and livestock emissions testing
  • Instrumental and manual stack testing
  • Emissions Reporting Software (DAS)
  • Permit issues
  • Implementation of Standard Reference Methods (SRM)
  • Process and procedures for management of in-house stack testing
  • MCERTS training

Our consultancy services are backed-up with our in-house emissions analyser rental department, and our service department who can support non-Protea equipment.

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