Environmental Times Air Quality Case Study & Product Book Article

27th November 2018

The highest levels of performance and accuracy in environmental emissions monitoring equipment. With 20 years experience in gas analyser application and manufacture, Protea can provide the complete gas analysis solution for research, process and environmental emissions monitoring.


  • Protea is the leading UK manufacturer of FTIR emissions monitoring analysers
  • New Peterborough Factory for 2018, with increased production and calibration facilities for our in-situ product range

Wide Product Range

  • We supply portable/transportable analysers for stack emissions testing
  • P-AMS for stack emissions testing (P204M and atmosFIRt), with software support for CEN and TGN M22 FTIR emissions standards
  • Complete stack emissions equipment supply – heated lines, heated probes, filters etc
  • We supply Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for in-situ and extractive monitoring using IR and UV technology
  • Fixed monitoring applications such as incineration, but also multiple VOC, CFC, HFC and a wide range of other emissions
  • Continuous process monitoring systems also provided, from ppb to %Vol level measurements.


  • P2000 In-Situ CEM MCERTS approved and wide installation base
  • Our ProtIR 204M product is MCERTS approved as a transportable CEM
  • New atmosFIR CEM product has “MCERTS applied for” status and is being tested now

New! In-Situ CEM Product Range

The unique in-situ CEM systems (Both Infra-Red and Ultra Violet) are flange mounted, with the Insitu sample cell protruding into the stack. The Protea In-Situ multi component CEM can monitor multiple gases species simultaneously, because the water vapour is monitored the pollutant gases can be reported on a wet or dry bases depending on the local environmental agencies requirements.


  • We offer comprehensive training in the UK
  • Training can be provided by MCERTS-standard emissions testing professionals for both instrumental and manual emissions testing
  • Dedicated FTIR Applications Training can be provided for any FTIR manufacturer’s equipment