Marine Emissions Analyser Control Units In The Spotlight

3rd May 2023

Protea’s P2000 marine emissions analyser is operated via our dedicated Marine Emissions Analyser Control Unit. With the P2000 analyser being installed in-situ in the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, or insulated exhaust duct, this can be some distance away from the system controller. The Marine Emissions Analyser Control Unit utilises a high grade marine-approved Panel PC.

Marine Emissions Analyser Control Units In The Spotlight

The Marine Emissions Analyser Control Unit operated both as a display, data logger and a data transmission system. Gas concentrations from each of the stack mounted analysers on the vessel are displayed. In addition, the Control Unit will log the data and retransmits it to a supervisory system. The main screen, one for each analyser, displays the concentrations of each gas. Protea’s emission systems also report the SO2:CO2 ratio, along with any additional information such as process pressure, analyser and sample temperatures.

A dedicated diagnostics routine runs through a self-check on the emissions systems, applying check gas if available, and provides a diagnostic summary file. This can be sent to Protea’s support team if needed. Features include:

  • Control of multiple marine emission analysers
  • Monitor Accurately Required Emission Levels
  • SO2:CO2 ratio reporting
  • Minimal System Maintenance
  • Compliant with Relevant International Standard
  • Certified For Marine Installation
  • Global Commissioning & Service Capability

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