MCERTS Certified Advanced FTIR Automated Measuring Systems (AMS)

10th May 2019

Protea Ltd based in the UK are leaders in the development and application of FTIR in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS). Protea, a pioneer in the application of FTIR in emissions testing, introducing the versatile MCERTS approved Protea 204M in 2008.

Protea are pleased to announce the launch of an MCERTS approved range of Emission Monitoring Systems. The atmosFIR range has been certified under MCERTS to EN 15267 – Type Approval & Certification of AMS (QAL1) suitable for monitoring European Union Directives for example 2010/75/EC, 2000/76/EC, 2001/80/EC and quality assurance in accordance with EN 14181. Uniquely we are the only FTIR supplier on the market to offer an embedded certified O2 sensor and also have the lowest certified range of NO.

The certificate can be downloaded here

atmosFIR Range – MCERTS QAL1 Fixed installation

Protea manufacture fully integrated systems to monitor many demanding industrial applications for such as Waste to Energy, Cement, Power and many more. The system can be supplied in a variety of configurations to meet the customers’ requirements, including, ATEX approved, weather proofing for outdoor installation, Air Conditioning.

Protea will supply the system to meet the customer’s specification in addition to monitoring the gas emission concentrations will also monitor particulate, stack pressure, stack temperature and flow reporting all concentrations as required by the emission permit on a certified CEMS DAS.

Protea can also supply the integrated CEMS system in bespoke walk in shelters with all the necessary system components including heated lines, sample probes and certified calibration gases.

atmosFIR Range –Transportable FTIR for Back-up, AST and compliance testing

Protea have replaced the Protea 204M with the atmosFIRt utilising the same technology as used in the fixed configuration the versatile transportable analyser is ideal for source testing. The analyser, with its intuitive HMI software and logging, is a robust simple to use solution to many portable emissions applications. Not only for standard combustion gas analysis – CO, NOx, SO2, HCl, NH3 – but also for complex organic emissions with no limit on the number of VOCs that can be measured. The transportable FTIR comes with built in Oxygen sensor and sampling system control.

atmosFIR Range – MCERTS QAL 1 19” Rack Mounted

Protea can supply the 19” Rack Mounted analyser to be integrated into third party systems, however to comply with the approval strict adherence to the sample system is required – refer to factory.

The atmosFIR series can monitor over 200 gas species simultaneously; the following are those certified under MCERTS EN 14181. Certificate Number Sira MC190346/00:

Protea P2000 - In addition to the atmosFIR range Protea also manufacture a range of MCERTS certified multi component In-Situ analysers. Certificate Number Sira MC050060/13