P300 Extractive Gas Analyser

P300 Extractive Gas Analyser

Protea P300 is an infra-red (IR), extractive multi component analyser to provide analysis of up to six gas-phase or liquid process components.

Options Include:

  • Hazardous Area Certification
  • High pressure sample cell
  • Heated sample cell
  • Integrated HMI with standard industrial communication
  • GRP cover enabling the analyser to be field mounted
  • Panel / Wall mounting kit

Protea P300 is a versatile configurable photometric gas and liquid analyser technology from Protea. The P300 system is an extractive multi component analyser utilising Protea’s advanced high pressure cell technology. The analyser is capable of monitoring up to six (6) gases or liquid process components simultaneously with a high level of accuracy. At the heart of P300 is a high-resolution, robust and proven Protea photometer offering high signal throughput, low-noise and long lifetime of components. The P300 has been developed to incorporate the latest techniques in photometry and our proven technologies developed over many years, resulting in:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Advance Protea S – PC or P-HMI software options to calculate, display and retransmit monitor gas or liquid concentrations
  • Robust and light, the P300 combines the Protea P2000 optical bench analyser with our highly unique transmission sample cell
  • The sample cell is designed to operate at elevated pressures and temperatures
P300 Extractive Gas Analyser

The P300 is the result of many year experience in the Process and Continuous Emission Monitoring field suppling advanced instruments into many demanding applications.

These advances have significantly improved performance over competitive products, due to combining the proven P2000 optics with the advanced external sample cell. The P300 is optical bench has seen extensive service over many years and incorporates all the features of the Protea P2000 including long life IR source (>10 years), high specification DC filter wheel motor (>10 years) and state of the art signal processing. The optical bench was designed and utilised in high vibration application such as marine CEMS so has a “second to non pedigree” requiring minimal maintenance with sophisticated diagnostic routines the analyser requires minimal intervention with a high availability.

P300 Extractive Gas Analyser Data Sheet

P300 Extractive Gas Analyser
Data Sheet


  • Multi-component gas analysis
  • High Pressure (Option)
  • Heated Cell (Option)
  • Automatic signal verification and recalibration
  • Sample pressure monitoring
  • Sample temperature monitoring
  • Low maintenance
  • Detachable sample cell
  • Hazardous Area Certification Atex / IEC
  • Diagnostics monitor analyser / system health


  • Each P300 can measure up to six components
  • In many applications negates the need for pressure reduction
  • Avoids condensation in the cell
  • No operator intervention during routine use
  • Automatic sample pressure compensation
  • Automatic sample pressure compensation
  • Only one moving part, designed for maximum availability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • No need for EXp purge control
  • Enables preventive maintenance and remote support

Examples of Monitoring Ranges

Examples of Monitoring Ranges

Principles of Operation

The Protea IR analyser operates on the proven, single beam, dual-wavelength IR light principle. Mid IR Pulses, at two specific wavelengths per monitored gas, are transmitted through the sample cell. The ‘measure’ pulse is partially absorbed by the gases being measured while the ‘reference’ pulse remains unaffected. Up to eight wavelengths are available, sometimes sharing reference wavelengths, allowing up to six gas-phase component concentrations to be monitored simultaneously. Uniquely, the operation, zero and calibration are “fully challenged” in that all operating modes use the same optical path and system components. The folded beam sample cell incorporates both sample temperature and pressure measurements allowing the reported concentration to be corrected for any effect of temperature or pressure. The robust demountable sample cell incorporates, cell windows manufactured from Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), retro reflector and sample pipe connections.

P300 Extractive Gas Analyser - Principles of Operation

Examples of Monitoring Ranges

P300 - Examples of Monitoring Ranges

Protea Systems

Protea design and manufacture fully integrated bespoke systems housing our range of analysers in various enclosures and shelters to meet the project specification this includes supply and control of all the necessary sample handling components such as heated sample probes, heated lines.

Protea Systems