Protea Awarded the RINA Marine Certificate for the P2000 CEMS

1st June 2018

Protea have recently been awarded the RINA Certificate Marine Certificate for our Monitoring and control system continuous emissions monitor the P2000. The P2000 may be used for the continuous monitoring of emissions from the exhaust gas cleaning system. The actual reference standard is that the RINA rules for the classification of ships - Part C “Machinery, Systems and Fire Protection”, Chapter 3, Section 6, Tab.1 and IMO Res, MEPC.259(68) Chapter 6 “Emission Testing” as well as the relevant requirements of Revised MARPOL Annex VI and NOx Technical Code 2008.

Protea Awarded The RINA Marine Certificate For The P2000 CEMS

Protea 2000 In-Situ Infra-red gas analyser connected to a Protea Control Unit forms the basis of a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS). The Stack Mounted In-Situ analyser monitors the stack gas without the need for any sample handling equipment making it a cost-effective solution to Continuous Emission Monitoring and Process applications. The analyser monitors the stack gases “wet”, water vapour is continuously monitored enabling the pollutant gases can be reported on a wet or dry bases.